RoCaro provides innovative inclusion solutions.  As part of this mission, we want to upskill the inclusive leaders of the future by providing thought-provoking learning interventions for your workforce.  Recognising that various groups within your organisation will be concerned with different aspects of the agenda we have developed a range of courses to educate, challenge and nurture our leaders at all levels.

Introductory Courses (£850 in-house(London) or 1 credit)

These short courses are designed to introduce topics and give attendees a foundation understanding of the topic.  Courses include:

Introducing ……

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Race Equality
  • Gender Equality
  • LGBT+ Equality
  • Disability Equality


Leadership Enhancement and Performance Courses (LeaP)™ 

The LEaP™ Series of courses are designed to improve inclusive leadership capability and the performance of leaders in your organisation.  Developed through conversations and feedback from managers and leaders across both the public and private sector and across the UK, US and Caribbean, these courses include theory, discussion, and practical support to enhance performance while having a positive impact on the psychological contract between the organsiation and its employees. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing pregnancy and maternity
  • Supporting an employee through bereavement
  • Supporting an employee through transitioning
  • Dealing with flexible working requests

Organisations are also welcome to share information about scenarios which would be better received in their organisation.

Prices start at £2,500 for a half-day seminar and £4,850.00 for a full day

The Evolution Programme (pricing on request)

This programme brings together groups of leaders to develop personally, professionally and inclusively within an Evolution Pod.  Each pod consists of up to 6 people who are guided by a Pod Facilitator using the principles of action learning where each pod member has an equal voice and is encouraged to challenge, support, educate and learn from their colleagues.


  • To develop truly inclusive leaders
  • To disrupt bias relating to race and gender
  • To improve organisational inclusive leadership practice

Developing D&I Dexterity (pricing on request)

When you are new to Diversity and Inclusion you may need some extra support or you may welcome an objective view, a sounding board and a listening ear.  This is why we have developed this exclusive coaching service which focuses on providing one to one support for busy D&I practitioners.  Available on an ad-hoc basis or through a package of sessions we promise to increase your confidence and dexterity in Diversity and Inclusion.

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D&I Practitioners Network (pricing on request)

Recognising a gap in the market we have introduced a range of courses for D&I professionals to enable them to approach their role with confidence, support and a strong network of other D&I professionals who are facing similar challenges.  Operated using the principles of action learning sets, these sessions are deliberately exclusive and action-focused learning opportunities.  To register your interest, please complete this form to receive more information about the network and early access to course topics and dates as they develop.  Potential topics include:

  • Introduction to D&I for new practitioners
  • The Diversity Data Dilemma
  • Communicating and Influencing for Inclusion Impact
  • Performance Management for Inclusion
  • Governance and Strategy Development for Inclusion
  • The Gender Pay Gap, Ethnicity Pay Gap and Equal Pay
  • Flexible working and D&I
  • Setting up ERGs for success