The Issue

Performance management of inclusion strategies, action plans, and initiatives has historically been overlooked and difficult to quantify.   Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is considered by many to be a “soft” topic which cannot be measured and is usually assumed to deliver intangible benefits which do not drive business performance.

Despite numerous research reports by companies such as McKinsey and Catalyst discussing the business benefits of inclusion initiatives, this area is still poorly resourced and relegated to annual meetings or only given attention when media, government or client scrutiny demands it.

Our Solution

In response to this issue we developed the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Quotient™ (EDIQ™)

This useful tool was developed using years of industry experience, business performance tools and practices.  It provides a framework for measuring organisational performance that is simple to understand and enables tracking and monitoring of organisational performance on a regular basis (we suggest annually).

About EDIQ™

The EDIQ focuses on four significant areas that impact inclusion progress in an organisation:

  • Organisational Performance on D&I
  • Organisational Culture
  • Demographics and Representation
  • Leadership Commitment and Accountability

The EDIQ™ Formula

Organisational Performance on D&I + Organisational Culture + Demographics and Representation


Leadership Commitment and Accountability

Getting Started – EDIQ Lite

To help you to get started, we offer EDIQ Lite as a free product.  The Lite version enables you to do a summary assessment of your organisation using an online questionnaire which helps to highlight strengths and areas for further development.  Once you have completed EDIQ lite, you will be sent a report including suggested solutions for improving your EDIQ lite rating.