What we do

We offer specialist Equality, Diversity and Inclusion services in three principal areas:

Based on the premise that D&I resourcing is limited, but the options for building a high performing D&I strategy and culture are almost infinite we have come up with a unique delivery model for D&I.

Our model enables us to deliver flexible, bespoke solutions that disrupt the status quo in equality, diversity, and inclusion while also offering value for money and services to meet every budget.

We pride ourselves on working with organisations that range from micro businesses to global brands ensuring that our client organisations have a sustainable and future-proofed approach to diversity through our unique way of capacity-building for internal D&I success while we deliver our services.

To service our clients we are continuously building our delivery ecosystem that includes a community of consultants, key delivery partners, and tactical suppliers.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services can be accessed on an ad-hoc basis to meet flexible resourcing needs such as a short-term vacancy in a D&I team or timebound project delivery such as policy review as well as for traditional consultancy assignments.  Alternatively, your business may also benefit from one of our advisory packages offering you ongoing advice and support.  Ultimately, we want you to think of us as part of your team.

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Professional Development

Your organisation's approach to equality, diversity, and inclusion will only be as effective as the people tasked with delivering it, being held accountable for it and leading it.  To help you to create the most effective and inclusive leaders for this work we have developed the RoCaro Leadership Academy which includes our D&I practitioners network and accompanying development programme.

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Organisational Performance

As they say “what gets measured gets done” yet many organisations struggle to measure how their D&I work is impacting and improving the business.  Too often organisations focus on the inputs of D&I without paying attention to the outcomes.  That is why we are passionate about our measurement tool the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Quotient, EDIQ helping you to measure your progress.

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Next Steps...

To help you understand how to start your journey and how RoCaro can help please do get in touch to register for a free no obligations phone call.